Why Nudora

You might be wondering: Why Nudora?

There are so many different types of probiotics out there, but none like ours. With a unique custom-designed probiotic vegetable delayed-release capsule, it’s formulated to optimize gut health based on scientific studies. You can rest assured knowing you’re taking something daily that’s propagated by science and supported by research and facts.

Let’s start with the basics:

Probiotics are a hot topic these days, with many forms available: capsules, drinks, or yogurt. With all of these choices, how do you know which probiotic formulation is right for you when everyone’s gut is unique?

The Challenge of Choosing Probiotics

For consumers there is a lack of education about probiotics, considering the many choices.. Even most doctors and pharmacists aren't trained to understand the differences between prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. As a result, recommendations often come from word of mouth, commercials, or choosing the most expensive bottle.

The Informed Consumer

Today’s consumers pride themselves on being knowledgeable. They know their preferred clothing brands, dietary choices (organic, plant-based, vegan), and effective supplements. Consumers understand their symptoms, whether inflammation, weight gain, constipation, or mental health issues like anxiety and depression. So, why not understand the probiotic that is right for you?

Because consumers have greater understanding of how their body feels, they tend to self medicate. They use Over-the-Counter Products like: homeopathics / herbal products, and or other forms but they all tend to treat the symptom and not the source.

Nudora’s three main goals:  Achieving our goals: 

1. Create condition-specific formulations that target the gut with specific bacteria
2. Incorporate specific homeopathics/herbals for each custom formulation
3. Educate consumers about probiotics and what’s right for them

Achieving our goals: 

Our experienced pharmacist, with over two decades in healthcare and a rich family legacy, meticulously researched and crafted each formulation. Dr. Melamed identified the specific bacteria needed for various conditions and combined them with targeted prebiotics and homeopathics/herbals, all in one capsule tailored for each condition.

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