Why Nudora

You might be wondering: Why Nudora?

There are so many different types of probiotics out there, but none like ours. With a unique custom-designed probiotic vegetable delayed-release capsule, it’s formulated to optimize gut health based on scientific studies. You can rest assured knowing you’re taking something daily that’s propagated by science and supported by research and facts.

Let’s start with the basics.

Where Drugs Fail Us

Pharmacists are known as drug information specialists. They go to school to learn the effects of all types of prescription drugs and medications. What they don’t study directly is the powerful gut connection to the mind and body.  

However, our head pharmacist at Nudora reviewed prebiotics and probiotics to learn what was on the market and how they affect the body.

What Our Pharmacist Found

After careful review, our head pharmacist realized that gut bacteria has a direct and dominant effect on inflammation, mood & behavior and gut health. This can negatively affect us through issues like constipation, diarrhea, skin diseases, and infections.

What We Did With This Big "Not-So-Secret" Secret

Since all individuals are different and not all guts are the same, we wanted to create a probiotic that everyone can take and it’d work effectively.  

Nudora was alive.

Outside the Box

Nudora was created by thinking outside of the box. We know there are hundreds of products out there promising to help improve your gut and quality of life. Our focus was based on science and drug studies. We’ve tried and tested hundreds of formulations based on scientific studies before developing our own proprietary formulas specifically to help aid in treating specific conditions like pain, inflammation, weight loss, mental health, and gut health.

Our Products

In our first product, each bacteria strain was proven to reduce pain & inflammation and aid in weight loss. 

The prebiotics in our formula help feed and strengthen probiotic bacteria. Taking both prebiotics and probiotics in combination can help make our probiotics more effective.

How We’re Different Than Your Average Probiotic

Each formula is embedded in vegetarian delayed-release capsules. Delayed-release capsules can tolerate the harsh environment of your stomach, so it will survive the passage through to your intestines. When it releases, you’ll be able to experience the maximum effect of the supplement. This technology is what most probiotics and prebiotics lack–the delayed-release.  

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